November Specialty Services

75 minutes | $137

Soften your body body with this full-body massage that features Velvet Sunday Shea Butter lotion that encompasses the scent of cinnamon sugar and cream. Your skin will soak up the organic cucumber extract blend with shea butter and vitamin E. The specialty massage also incorporates hot stones on the back, cool facial stones, and chamomile lavender eye pads that are great for soothing and rejuvenating.

November Specialty Massage

60 minutes | $115

This facial will tighten your skin by using an active yogurt mask that also contains cooling bentonite clay, wild honey and oats that instantly soothes, softens, and refines the look of skin. Smooth out the cracks in your lips and lock in moisture with a sugar cane lip exfoliating polish. Cool facial stones over the eyes reduce inflammation and redness, and a  Velvet Sunday Shea Butter lotion is used during the hand, neck, and shoulder massage.

November Specialty Facial

60 minutes | $77

This pedicure features an apple cider foot soak and an exfoliating body polish that contains organic alfalfa root and the scent of sweet cream. The skin is soothed and softened with a moisturizing active yogurt mask. Enjoy a relaxing massage using the Velvet Sunday Shea Butter lotion that soaks into your skin giving ultimate hydration and leaves your feet smelling like cinnamon sweet cream.

November Specialty Pedicure
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